Living the Steps – Grapevine Article December 1979 by S.M.

Self-acceptance was only one of many rewards he found in working and reworking the Steps IN THE LAST six months, I’ve begun to experience the striking benefits of working and reworking the Twelve Steps on a regular basis. My life is changing; my relationships with my family are improving; work goes better; and I’ve startedContinue reading “Living the Steps – Grapevine Article December 1979 by S.M.”

How GUGOGS Meditation Practice Works – March 2021

Includes excerpts and text from: AA Twelve and Twelve – 11thStep, excerpts from sessions from the Waking Up App by Sam Harris, excerpts from Tracy Cochran blogpost Giving is Receiving. Edited and written by Wayne S. Our GUGOGS meditation practice is rooted in the 11th Step in AA and incorporates mindfulness meditation drawn from a variety of resources. As weContinue reading “How GUGOGS Meditation Practice Works – March 2021”

Usefully Whole – Grapevine Article December 2009 by Mark S.

I believe there is a correlation between my peace of mind and my efforts at Step Twelve. If peace and serenity are what I am seeking, what is it I am willing to do? The destruction of self comes at a price. I have to participate in my own recovery through prayer, through self-sacrifice andContinue reading “Usefully Whole – Grapevine Article December 2009 by Mark S.”