Our Secrets Keep Us Sick- Each Day A New Beginning August 22nd

We’re only as sick as the secrets we keep. -Sue Atchley Ebaugh Harboring parts of our inner selves, fearing what others would think if they knew, creates the barriers that keep us separate, feeling different, certain of our inadequacies. Secrets are burdens, and they weigh heavily on us, so heavily. Carrying secrets makes impossible theContinue reading “Our Secrets Keep Us Sick- Each Day A New Beginning August 22nd”

The Roots of Resentment – October 1977 by F.M.

We can see ourselves in the anger we feel toward others RESENTMENTS are ruin. Backed-up anger can give us a bad depression; explosive anger can make us say or do things we will regret. Resentment that is allowed to fester can become an obsession and make us nervously unstable. Retaliation and revenge will harm usContinue reading “The Roots of Resentment – October 1977 by F.M.”

It’s Never Too Late For A Miracle – Grapevine Article November 1997 by Herb R.

This alcoholic finally got sober after bouncing in and out of AA for thirty-nine years I went to my first AA meeting in the spring of 1953. It was a prerequisite to being released from a state hospital where I’d spent sixty days for alcoholism at the tender age of twenty-one. The hospital experience scaredContinue reading “It’s Never Too Late For A Miracle – Grapevine Article November 1997 by Herb R.”

The Serenity Prayer – Grapevine Article April 1975 by J.W.

A personal interpretation THE CONCEPT of acceptance used to trouble me. It was not until I looked deeply into the Serenity Prayer that an answer began to appear. “The serenity to accept. . .” Somehow, I think, I had unconsciously imbued that phrase with a meaning it just doesn’t have. I thought of it asContinue reading “The Serenity Prayer – Grapevine Article April 1975 by J.W.”

How GUGOGS Meditation Works – July 2021

Assembled and edited by Wayne S. As you ready yourself for your meditation practice, please be fully present during the meditation and avoid distractions. Be in a place where you can devote your full attention to the practice. As you read this, please consider that your meditation practice has already begun . . . TheContinue reading “How GUGOGS Meditation Works – July 2021”

There’s Power Here – Grapevine Article April 1986 by K.K.

She was back attending our morning group after an absence of several months. The chairman was asking for final remarks before closing the meeting when she exclaimed, “There’s power here!” I thought, “Wow! She’s right.” Around these tables pushed together in the church’s kitchen our Higher Powers combine to supply spiritual food for our dailyContinue reading “There’s Power Here – Grapevine Article April 1986 by K.K.”

Handling Sobriety – Big Book Story page 558,559

God willing, we members of A.A. may never again have to deal with drinking, but we have to deal with sobriety every day. How do we do it? By learning— through practicing the Twelve Steps and through sharing at meetings—how to cope with the problems that we looked to booze to solve, back in ourContinue reading “Handling Sobriety – Big Book Story page 558,559”

Burn Into The Consciousness – Big Book Page 98

The men who cry for money and shelter before conquering alcohol, are on the wrong track. Yet we do go to great extremes to provide each other with these very things, when such action is warranted. This may seem inconsistent, but we think it is not. It is not the matter of giving that isContinue reading “Burn Into The Consciousness – Big Book Page 98”

Live Serenely – As Bill Sees It #48

When a drunk has a terrific hangover because he drank heavily yesterday, he cannot live well today. But there is another kind of hangover which we all experience whether we are drinking or not. That is the emotional hangover, the direct result of yesterday’s and sometimes today’s excesses of negative emotion—anger, fear, jealousy, and theContinue reading “Live Serenely – As Bill Sees It #48”

Living Sober – Watching Out For Anger & Resentments (Chapter 15 Excerpts)

Interestingly, several of the methods already discussed for avoiding a drink have also worked splendidly for getting over the inner discomfort we suffer when angry. For instance, when we begin to simmer inside, it sometimes helps a great deal to take a few bites of something good to eat, or a glass of a nonalcoholicContinue reading “Living Sober – Watching Out For Anger & Resentments (Chapter 15 Excerpts)”