In our February 2023 Group Conscience, we began to discuss ways to improve the participation and quality of our monthly meditation meeting. Please take a few minutes and fill out this survey that will help guide us as we consider what changes may be most helpful.


In the December 2020 Group Conscience, a decision was made to create a team to develop some ideas and recommendations about how the group should explore meditation.

In January 2021’s Group Conscience, the group decided that on the 3rd Sunday of each month, we will have a group meditation that utilizes the ‘How GUGOGS Group Meditation Works’ document linked below.


This page also captures other links to what the Meditation Team suggests as possible resources that may be useful to those interested in meditation.

Current -How GUGOGS Meditation Works

How GUGOGS Group Meditation Works – July 2021

How GUGOGS Group Meditation Works – May 2021

How GUGOGS Group Meditation Works – April 2021

How GUGOGS Group Meditation Works – March 2021

REVISED Meditation Introduction – February 21st

Meditation Introduction – January 17th Meeting

Big Book Meditation For Group & Individual Contemplation

Twelve & Twelve (Meditation From Step 11)

Grapevine Articles

Sounds Of Silence

What Is Meditation?

Seeking Through Meditation

Adventure into the Unknown

Group Meditation First Things First

Daily Meditation

AA Meditation Meeting Format Example

Twelve Step Outreach Org

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