Fired Again – Big Book Story 1st Edition By Wally G.

IT SEEMS to me that I never did do things normally. When I learned to dance I had to go dancing every night in the week if possible; when I worked or studied I wanted no interruptions or distractions. Wherever I worked I wanted to be the highest paid man in the place or IContinue reading “Fired Again – Big Book Story 1st Edition By Wally G.”

Between the Extremes – As Bill Sees It #159

“The real question is whether we can learn anything from our experiences upon which we may grow and help others to grow in the likeness and image of God. “We know that if we rebel against doing that which is reasonably possible for us, then we will be penalized. And we will be equally penalizedContinue reading “Between the Extremes – As Bill Sees It #159”

Powerless Over Alcohol – As Bill Sees It #283

I had gone steadily downhill, and on that day in 1934 I lay upstairs in the hospital, knowing for the first time that I was utterly hopeless. Lois was downstairs, and Dr. Silkworth was trying in his gentle way to tell her what was wrong with me and that I was hopeless. “But Bill hasContinue reading “Powerless Over Alcohol – As Bill Sees It #283”

The Timeless Marriage Of Self Will And Conflict – 12 & 12 Step 3 Pg. 37

Should his own image in the mirror be too awful to contemplate (and it usually is), he might first take a look at the results normal people are getting from self-sufficiency. Everywhere he sees people filled with anger and fear, society breaking up into warring fragments. Each fragment says to the others, “We are rightContinue reading “The Timeless Marriage Of Self Will And Conflict – 12 & 12 Step 3 Pg. 37”

God-Given Instincts – As Bill Sees It #142

Creation gave us instincts for a purpose. Without them we wouldn’t be complete human beings. If men and women didn’t exert themselves to be secure in their persons, made no effort to harvest food or construct shelter, there would be no survival. If they didn’t reproduce, the earth wouldn’t be populated. If there were noContinue reading “God-Given Instincts – As Bill Sees It #142”

My Old Pal, Pride – Grapevine Article January 1978 by Anonymous

AROUND THE TABLES, passing years and the sweet rewards of not taking the first drink have aided my development of a new habit, namely, patience. I can listen to an AA telling the same story for the hundredth time and still say, “Don’t worry. Call any time you need help,” At a business meeting ofContinue reading “My Old Pal, Pride – Grapevine Article January 1978 by Anonymous”

Facing Criticism – As Bill Sees It #56

Sometimes, we register surprise, shock, and anger when people find fault with A.A. We are apt to be disturbed to such an extent that wecannot benefit by constructive criticism. This sort of resentment makes no friends and achieves no constructive purpose. Certainly, this is an area in which we can improve. << << << >>Continue reading “Facing Criticism – As Bill Sees It #56”

The Green Demon – Grapevine Article May 1962 by M.D.B.

Jealousy is poisonous – but this AA member found an effective antidote I CAN mark one thing well, in looking back at my whirling nightmare of drinking, it was the only time I was ever completely jealous of total strangers! It amazes me now to remember that I had ugly and envious thoughts about innocentContinue reading “The Green Demon – Grapevine Article May 1962 by M.D.B.”

How It Works At Work – Big Book Page 63

We had a new Employer. Being all powerful, He provided what we needed, if we kept close to Him and performed His work well. Established on such a footing we became less and less interested in ourselves, our little plans and designs. More and more we became interested in seeing what we could contribute toContinue reading “How It Works At Work – Big Book Page 63”

Fear of FAILURE – Grapevine Article February 2009 by Anonymous

In a phone call on New Year’s Day, a college professor told me she’d failed my final paper for her course. I could rewrite the paper, she said, correcting the shortcomings, possibly retaining my overall A for the course. Or I could let it go and accept the B average my failure to follow directionsContinue reading “Fear of FAILURE – Grapevine Article February 2009 by Anonymous”