There’s Power Here – Grapevine Article April 1986 by K.K.

She was back attending our morning group after an absence of several months. The chairman was asking for final remarks before closing the meeting when she exclaimed, “There’s power here!”

I thought, “Wow! She’s right.” Around these tables pushed together in the church’s kitchen our Higher Powers combine to supply spiritual food for our daily living. Nowhere else can we give and take that kind of love and support.

These are the tables that God prepares before us in the presence of our enemies. Loneliness, anger, fear, complacency, pride, self-pity, stinking thinking–they all go away, unwelcomed at these tables. There’s just no place for them here.

We all parted refreshed, restored, filled with strength and hope. Yes, there’s power here, whenever we gather in the name of “Rarely have we seen. . .!”

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