Uncover , Discover and Discard – Mashup of 12 & 12 with Big Book & Sandy B Talk

Sandy B. Step 10/11 Talks Sandy B., one of the most effective AA speakers over the last 30 years, delivered an outstanding talk about Step 10/11 that is both very entertaining and incredibly insightful. If you enjoy this talk , you might want to check out other talks from Sandy which are all accessible from the Recordings Menu of theContinue reading “Uncover , Discover and Discard – Mashup of 12 & 12 with Big Book & Sandy B Talk”

Clear The Path To Your Heart – July 11th Meditation from Journey To The Heart

I watched Old Faithful from my window. The geyser gurgled and spewed a low layer of steam. Then true to its name, Old Faithful erupted and sprayed thousands of gallons of steaming water into the air. Right on time. A full range of gurgling emotions, reactions, and responses to life line the pathway to theContinue reading “Clear The Path To Your Heart – July 11th Meditation from Journey To The Heart”

Peace Of Mind – September 14th Daily Reflections

Do we lay the matter before our sponsor or spiritual adviser, earnestly asking God’s help and guidance–meanwhile resolving to do the right thing when it becomes clear, cost what it may?-TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, p p. 86-87 My belief in a Higher Power is an essential part of my work on Step Nine; forgiveness,Continue reading “Peace Of Mind – September 14th Daily Reflections”

Mashup – Exploring What Lies Beyond Our Self Will

A Lesson In Harmony – Grapevine Article May 1959 by T.W. MANY notes and many instruments go to make a symphony. Life is like that too. I do not mean the vast discord of a drunken existence, nor the confusion of intermittent tippling between benders. I mean real life; the experience that commences with activeContinue reading “Mashup – Exploring What Lies Beyond Our Self Will”

Bill’s New Friend – Big Book pages 13, 14

At the hospital I was separated from alcohol for the last time. Treatment seemed wise, for I showed signs of delirium tremens. There I humbly offered myself to God, as I then understood Him, to do with me as He would. I placed myself unreservedly under His care and direction. I admitted for the firstContinue reading “Bill’s New Friend – Big Book pages 13, 14”

The Wine Of Success – As Bill Sees It #19

Disagreeable or unexpected problems are not the only ones that call for self-control. We must be quite as careful when we begin to achieve some measure of importance and material success. For no people have ever loved personal triumphs more than we have loved them; we drank of success as of a wine which couldContinue reading “The Wine Of Success – As Bill Sees It #19”

March 7th Reflection – Each Day A New Beginning

Sunday, March 7 Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.  —Anne Frank We must take responsibility for ourselves, for who we become, for how we live each day. The temptation to blame others may be everContinue reading “March 7th Reflection – Each Day A New Beginning”