The Dry Drunk Waltz – Grapevine Article by Julie H.

She learned the dance of anger, frustration, and denial from her father, but replaced it with the sweeter music of AA It wasn’t till my father threw my mother’s mother across the kitchen and broke her arm that he was forced to stop drinking. He had grown up with a very drunk and abusive fatherContinue reading “The Dry Drunk Waltz – Grapevine Article by Julie H.”

With Complete Abandon – Grapevine Article by Mary

After many relapses and false starts she heard something in a meeting that changed everything I’ve been introducing myself as, “I’m Mary and I’m an alcoholic” for 27 years, yet I have just begun my fifth year of continuous sobriety. My journey has been amazing, and my life is more joyful and hopeful than everContinue reading “With Complete Abandon – Grapevine Article by Mary”

Unmanageable, What’s That? – Grapevine Article January 2016 by Ted K.

He stopped drinking, so why did his life seem to be getting worse ? STEP ONE: We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable. I began drinking when I was 15. Alcohol was fun and made me feel a part of the crowd. It removed my inhibitions and my feelings ofContinue reading “Unmanageable, What’s That? – Grapevine Article January 2016 by Ted K.”

24 Hours A Day – July 13th

Thought for the Day Before alcoholics come into A.A., they are “flying blind.” But A.A. gives them a directed beam in the A.A. program. As long as they keep on this beam, the signal of sobriety keeps coming through. If they have a slip, the signal is broken. If they swing off course into drunkenness,Continue reading “24 Hours A Day – July 13th”

Moral Responsibility – As Bill Sees It #32

“Some strongly object to the A.A. position that alcoholism is an illness. This concept, they feel, removes moral responsibility from alcoholics. As any A.A. knows, this is far from true. We do not use the concept of sickness to absolve our members from responsibility. On the contrary, we use the fact of fatal illness toContinue reading “Moral Responsibility – As Bill Sees It #32”