Complete The Housecleaning – As Bill Sees It #213

Time after time, newcomers have tried to keep to themselves shoddy facts about their lives. Trying to avoid the humbling experience of the Fifth Step, they have turned to easier methods. Almost invariably they got drunk. Having persevered with the rest of the program, they wondered why they fell. We think the reason is thatContinue reading “Complete The Housecleaning – As Bill Sees It #213”

Out Of Bondage – As Bill Sees It #210

At Step Three, many of us said to our Maker, as we understood Him: “God, I offer myself to Thee—to build with me and to do with me as Thou wilt. Relieve me of the bondage of self, that I may better do Thy will. Take away my difficulties, that my transcendence over them mayContinue reading “Out Of Bondage – As Bill Sees It #210”

Resolving Fear – As Bill Sees It #61

Fear somehow touched about every aspect of our lives. It was an evil and corroding thread; the fabric of our existence was shot through with it. It set in motion trains of circumstances which brought us misfortune we felt we didn’t deserve. But did not we often set the ball rolling ourselves? << << <<Continue reading “Resolving Fear – As Bill Sees It #61”

A Saving Principle – As Bill Sees It #164

The practice of admitting one’s defects to another person is, of course, very ancient. It has been validated in every century, and it characterizes the lives of all spiritually centered and truly religious people. But today religion is by no means the sole advocate of this saving principle. Psychiatrists and psychologists point out the deepContinue reading “A Saving Principle – As Bill Sees It #164”

Powerless Over Alcohol – As Bill Sees It #283

I had gone steadily downhill, and on that day in 1934 I lay upstairs in the hospital, knowing for the first time that I was utterly hopeless. Lois was downstairs, and Dr. Silkworth was trying in his gentle way to tell her what was wrong with me and that I was hopeless. “But Bill hasContinue reading “Powerless Over Alcohol – As Bill Sees It #283”

Coping With Anger – As Bill Sees It #179

Few people have been more victimized by resentments than have we alcoholics. A burst of temper could spoil a day, and a well-nursed grudge could make us miserably ineffective. Nor were we ever skillful in separating justified from unjustified anger. As we saw it, our wrath was always justified. Anger, that occasional luxury of moreContinue reading “Coping With Anger – As Bill Sees It #179”

Anger – Personal and Group Enemy – As Bill Sees It #98

As the book ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ puts it, ‘Resentment is the Number One offender.’ It is a primary cause of relapses into drinking. How well we of A.A. know that for us ‘To drink is eventually to go mad or die.’ “Much the same penalty overhangs every A.A. group. Given enough anger, both unity and purposeContinue reading “Anger – Personal and Group Enemy – As Bill Sees It #98”

Who Is To Blame – As Bill Sees It #222

At Step Four we resolutely looked for our own mistakes. Where had we been selfish, dishonest, self-seeking, and frightened? Though a given situation had not been entirely our fault, we often tried to cast the whole blame on the other person involved. We finally saw that the inventory should be ours, not the other man’s.Continue reading “Who Is To Blame – As Bill Sees It #222”

Groping Toward God – As Bill Sees It #323

More than most people, I think, alcoholics want to know who they are, what this life is about, whether they have a divine origin and an appointed destiny, and whether there is a system of cosmic justice and love. It is the experience of many of us in the early stages of drinking to feelContinue reading “Groping Toward God – As Bill Sees It #323”

After the “Honeymoon “ – As Bill Sees It #216

For most of us, the first years of A.A. are something like a honeymoon. There is a new and potent reason to stay alive, joyful activity aplenty. For a time, we are diverted from the main life problems. That is all to the good. But when the honeymoon has worn off, we are obliged toContinue reading “After the “Honeymoon “ – As Bill Sees It #216”