This AA meeting is virtual via a conference call using the phone number and access code shown at the top of this page. This literature based meeting occurs daily at 7:30 am EST and continues for an hour. Anyone with a desire not to drink is welcome. On Fridays, our virtual meeting is supplemented by an in person meeting in Atlanta’s Grant Park. Here are the details about where we meet on Fridays rain or shine.

This meeting contributes to AA at the Atlanta Central Office, District, Area, and General Service Office. You can contribute electronically via VENMO using @gugogs . This site has a powerful search engine to access over 600 articles from AA literature such as Big Book, Twelve & Twelve, As Bill Sees It along with many AA Grapevine articles

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Using the 11th Step / St. Francis Prayer

The Saint Francis Assisi Prayer, often used as an 11th Step Prayer in Alcoholics Anonymous, is an immensely popular and empowering prayer used in recovery. Anyone moving through recovery will eventually encounter the prayer and will get to work through its significance and impact on their spirituality, life, and outlook. If you’re just starting your recoveryContinue reading “Using the 11th Step / St. Francis Prayer”

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