AA Traditions Are Not Traditional! – Grapevine Article Extract Jan 1955 by Bill W

In our Twelve Traditions we have set our faces against nearly every trend in the outside world. “We have denied ourselves personal government, professionalism and the right to say who our members shall be. We have abandoned do-goodism, reform and paternalism. We refuse charitable money and prefer to pay our own way. We will cooperateContinue reading “AA Traditions Are Not Traditional! – Grapevine Article Extract Jan 1955 by Bill W”

Faith – Deed or Creed ? A Grapevine Mashup

As I read the Daily Reflection we will be discussing this morning July 4th entitled ‘Natural Faith’ , I realized that for some this reading may feel like a condescending projection about an experience of God that makes certain something that many in AA find otherwise. This article takes extracts from 4 different AA GrapevineContinue reading “Faith – Deed or Creed ? A Grapevine Mashup”

Resolving Fear – As Bill Sees It #61

Fear somehow touched about every aspect of our lives. It was an evil and corroding thread; the fabric of our existence was shot through with it. It set in motion trains of circumstances which brought us misfortune we felt we didn’t deserve. But did not we often set the ball rolling ourselves? << << <<Continue reading “Resolving Fear – As Bill Sees It #61”

Making Room To Grow – Grapevine Article June 1997 by Ron D.

“Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.” So reads Step Six. After the guilt and remorse of my last drunk had faded, I didn’t think this Step had any application in my life. Now that I was no longer drinking I wasn’t a bad person. Character defects? I couldn’t seeContinue reading “Making Room To Grow – Grapevine Article June 1997 by Ron D.”

The Front Lines – Grapevine Article January 2022 by Tom L.

Dimly lit rooming houses, emergency rooms, even rooftops— he keeps reaching out. And once in a good while they reach back The man was sweating, shaking, almost incoherent in his pain. “We know how you feel,” my AA friend told him. “We’ve been there.” I was so nervous I didn’t know what to say. ThisContinue reading “The Front Lines – Grapevine Article January 2022 by Tom L.”

Who Is To Blame – As Bill Sees It #222

At Step Four we resolutely looked for our own mistakes. Where had we been selfish, dishonest, self-seeking, and frightened? Though a given situation had not been entirely our fault, we often tried to cast the whole blame on the other person involved. We finally saw that the inventory should be ours, not the other man’s.Continue reading “Who Is To Blame – As Bill Sees It #222”

Essence of Growth – As Bill Sees It #115

Let us never fear needed change. Certainly we have to discriminate between changes for worse and changes for better. But once a need becomes clearly apparent in an individual, in a group, or in A.A. as a whole, it has long since been found out that we cannot stand still and look the other way.Continue reading “Essence of Growth – As Bill Sees It #115”

Facing Criticism – As Bill Sees It #56

Sometimes, we register surprise, shock, and anger when people find fault with A.A. We are apt to be disturbed to such an extent that wecannot benefit by constructive criticism. This sort of resentment makes no friends and achieves no constructive purpose. Certainly, this is an area in which we can improve. << << << >>Continue reading “Facing Criticism – As Bill Sees It #56”

Crayons, Cookies & Kisses – Grapevine Article November 2019 by D.B.

With Steps, coffee and baskets of toys, some California mothers stay sober together Having been around these rooms for some time, I have formed and rejected many opinions regarding special-interest groups in the hallowed halls of Alcoholics Anonymous. I would like to share an experience that began as a special-interest group, but has grown intoContinue reading “Crayons, Cookies & Kisses – Grapevine Article November 2019 by D.B.”

In the Wake of the Wave – Grapevine Article March 2005 by Chris W.

A report from Phuket, Thailand The moment of silence before we begin meetings here in Phuket has taken on new levels of significance since December’s tsunami. Many of us have shared as to how the principles of AA have guided our actions in attending the wounded, searching for the dead, and helping to rebuild theContinue reading “In the Wake of the Wave – Grapevine Article March 2005 by Chris W.”