How GUGOGS Meditation Works – July 2021

Assembled and edited by Wayne S. As you ready yourself for your meditation practice, please be fully present during the meditation and avoid distractions. Be in a place where you can devote your full attention to the practice. As you read this, please consider that your meditation practice has already begun . . . TheContinue reading “How GUGOGS Meditation Works – July 2021”

24 Hours A Day – July 13th

Thought for the Day Before alcoholics come into A.A., they are “flying blind.” But A.A. gives them a directed beam in the A.A. program. As long as they keep on this beam, the signal of sobriety keeps coming through. If they have a slip, the signal is broken. If they swing off course into drunkenness,Continue reading “24 Hours A Day – July 13th”

Living Sober – Watching Out For Anger & Resentments (Chapter 15 Excerpts)

Interestingly, several of the methods already discussed for avoiding a drink have also worked splendidly for getting over the inner discomfort we suffer when angry. For instance, when we begin to simmer inside, it sometimes helps a great deal to take a few bites of something good to eat, or a glass of a nonalcoholicContinue reading “Living Sober – Watching Out For Anger & Resentments (Chapter 15 Excerpts)”

Bill’s New Friend – Big Book pages 13, 14

At the hospital I was separated from alcohol for the last time. Treatment seemed wise, for I showed signs of delirium tremens. There I humbly offered myself to God, as I then understood Him, to do with me as He would. I placed myself unreservedly under His care and direction. I admitted for the firstContinue reading “Bill’s New Friend – Big Book pages 13, 14”

Hula Hoop Larry And The Serenity Prayer – Grapevine Article by Becky P.

The riddle of the Serenity Prayer explained It’s amusing and endearing to me that we do not get hung up about knowing someone’s last name in our program, but we do often use descriptors to tell the Bobs, Bills and Daves apart.   The Serenity Prayer has haunted me for almost 60 years.  It hung inContinue reading “Hula Hoop Larry And The Serenity Prayer – Grapevine Article by Becky P.”

Forming True Partnerships – June 12th Daily Reflections

But it is from our twisted relations with family, friends, and society at large that many of us have suffered the most. We have been especially stupid and stubborn about them. The primary fact that we fail to recognize is our total inability to form a true partnership with another human being.— TWELVE STEPS ANDContinue reading “Forming True Partnerships – June 12th Daily Reflections”

What Is Acceptance ? How This Classic Grapevine Article By Bill W Has Been Used

Today, Jim A will be using Bill W’s March 1962 Grapevine Article “What Is Acceptance” as his lead for our meeting. This classic article is included in the small book , ‘Best of Bill,’ as well as his collection of writings called ‘Language of the Heart’. This short article is also used in 7 differentContinue reading “What Is Acceptance ? How This Classic Grapevine Article By Bill W Has Been Used”

Prayer Under Pressure – As Bill Sees It #250

Whenever I find myself under acute tensions, I lengthen my daily walks and slowly repeat our Serenity Prayer in rhythm to my steps and breathing. If I feel that my pain has in part been occasioned by others, I try to repeat, “God grant me the serenity to love their best, and never fear theirContinue reading “Prayer Under Pressure – As Bill Sees It #250”

More Than Comfort – As Bill Sees It #148

When I am feeling depressed, I repeat to myself statements such as these: “Pain is the touchstone of progress.” …“ Fear no evil.” …“ This, too, will pass.” …“ This experience can be turned to benefit.” These fragments of prayer bring far more than mere comfort. They keep me on the track of right acceptance;Continue reading “More Than Comfort – As Bill Sees It #148”

All or Nothing – As Bill Sees It #6

Acceptance and faith are capable of producing 100 per cent sobriety. In fact, they usually do; and they must, else we could have no life at all. But the moment we carry these attitudes into our emotional problems, we find that only relative results are possible. Nobody can, for example, become completely free from fear,Continue reading “All or Nothing – As Bill Sees It #6”