With Complete Abandon – Grapevine Article by Mary

After many relapses and false starts she heard something in a meeting that changed everything I’ve been introducing myself as, “I’m Mary and I’m an alcoholic” for 27 years, yet I have just begun my fifth year of continuous sobriety. My journey has been amazing, and my life is more joyful and hopeful than everContinue reading “With Complete Abandon – Grapevine Article by Mary”

Giving – Grapevine Article December 1990 by Mary J.

I was feeling sad, frustrated, and sorry for myself, because this year, like so many before, I didn’t have the money to buy gifts. I didn’t even have any creative energy to make up for it. I was fighting a sense of failure and despair that I would ever “get on with my life.” IContinue reading “Giving – Grapevine Article December 1990 by Mary J.”

How GUGOGS Meditation Works – July 2021

Assembled and edited by Wayne S. As you ready yourself for your meditation practice, please be fully present during the meditation and avoid distractions. Be in a place where you can devote your full attention to the practice. As you read this, please consider that your meditation practice has already begun . . . TheContinue reading “How GUGOGS Meditation Works – July 2021”

There’s Power Here – Grapevine Article April 1986 by K.K.

She was back attending our morning group after an absence of several months. The chairman was asking for final remarks before closing the meeting when she exclaimed, “There’s power here!” I thought, “Wow! She’s right.” Around these tables pushed together in the church’s kitchen our Higher Powers combine to supply spiritual food for our dailyContinue reading “There’s Power Here – Grapevine Article April 1986 by K.K.”

God, the Verb – Grapevine Article April 2002 by Doug B.

To get to Step Two, you have to get past Step One. That was what I was told when I first came into the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. It made sense to me. The Steps are in order; they build upon one another. It was logical. My drinking, my attempts to control it, and allContinue reading “God, the Verb – Grapevine Article April 2002 by Doug B.”

To Deepen Our Insight – As Bill Sees It #54

It is necessary that we extricate from an examination of our personal relations every bit of information about ourselves and our fundamental difficulties that we can. Since defective relations with other human beings have nearly always been the immediate cause of our woes, including our alcoholism, no field of investigation could yield more satisfying andContinue reading “To Deepen Our Insight – As Bill Sees It #54”

That Elusive Humility – Grapevine Article November 1958 by John L.

“EVERYBODY talks about humility ain’t got it . . . ” This paraphrase of the well-known spiritual’s denial of unanimous claims to heaven is just as true as the original, perhaps more so. For probably some people who do talk about heaven are going there. But no one who claims humility for himself has it.Continue reading “That Elusive Humility – Grapevine Article November 1958 by John L.”

Burn Into The Consciousness – Big Book Page 98

The men who cry for money and shelter before conquering alcohol, are on the wrong track. Yet we do go to great extremes to provide each other with these very things, when such action is warranted. This may seem inconsistent, but we think it is not. It is not the matter of giving that isContinue reading “Burn Into The Consciousness – Big Book Page 98”

Living Sober – Watching Out For Anger & Resentments (Chapter 15 Excerpts)

Interestingly, several of the methods already discussed for avoiding a drink have also worked splendidly for getting over the inner discomfort we suffer when angry. For instance, when we begin to simmer inside, it sometimes helps a great deal to take a few bites of something good to eat, or a glass of a nonalcoholicContinue reading “Living Sober – Watching Out For Anger & Resentments (Chapter 15 Excerpts)”

Bill’s New Friend – Big Book pages 13, 14

At the hospital I was separated from alcohol for the last time. Treatment seemed wise, for I showed signs of delirium tremens. There I humbly offered myself to God, as I then understood Him, to do with me as He would. I placed myself unreservedly under His care and direction. I admitted for the firstContinue reading “Bill’s New Friend – Big Book pages 13, 14”