Room To Grow – Grapevine Article June 1999 by Jim N.

Step 6 – Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character. The way I read Step Six, Bill seems to be saying, “Don’t be in too much of a hurry to get better.” And the longer I’m sober, the clearer it becomes that I’m not really in charge of this gettingContinue reading “Room To Grow – Grapevine Article June 1999 by Jim N.”

God-Given Instincts – As Bill Sees It #142

Creation gave us instincts for a purpose. Without them we wouldn’t be complete human beings. If men and women didn’t exert themselves to be secure in their persons, made no effort to harvest food or construct shelter, there would be no survival. If they didn’t reproduce, the earth wouldn’t be populated. If there were noContinue reading “God-Given Instincts – As Bill Sees It #142”

Legacy Of Resentment – Grapevine Article December 2010 by Tom L.

Chains of bitterness toward his mother are shattered through forgiveness Returning from school, halfway down the hall leading to my apartment, I smelled the familiar mixed odors of smoke and booze. With dread in my heart, I knew what I was about to face: my drunken mother in her messy housecoat, sitting on a chairContinue reading “Legacy Of Resentment – Grapevine Article December 2010 by Tom L.”

Surveying The Past – As Bill Sees It #111

We should make an accurate and really exhaustive survey of our past life as it has affected other people. In many instances we shall find that, though the harm done to others has not been great, we have nevertheless done ourselves considerable injury. Then, too, damaging emotional conflicts persist below the level of consciousness, veryContinue reading “Surveying The Past – As Bill Sees It #111”

To Deepen Our Insight – As Bill Sees It #54

It is necessary that we extricate from an examination of our personal relations every bit of information about ourselves and our fundamental difficulties that we can. Since defective relations with other human beings have nearly always been the immediate cause of our woes, including our alcoholism, no field of investigation could yield more satisfying andContinue reading “To Deepen Our Insight – As Bill Sees It #54”