Access to Thousands of Recordings of Old and New AA Speakers

This meeting is experimenting with virtual speaker meetings using the amazing recordings like those available to us from WeJoy.Org. Other great sources include Stories of Recovery and Top 50 talks.

You may also enjoy listening yourself to some of these great speakers and resources such as ‘Joe and Charlie’ Step Studies , Bill W , Chuck C , Earle H and Sandy B.

As some of you know, Howard has suggested we do some speaker meetings on Sundays. Using this WeJoy resource, we can bring some of the world’s most treasured AA speakers (and insights ) into our meeting. Although many of these recordings are long, it is possible to extract 20 minutes that can be very compelling. Most of them are also really funny!

For example, I love Sandy B talks. In 2013, he spoke about humility and its relevance to all the steps. The essence of this talk is captured from about minute 3 to minute 23 of this powerful talk that you can access here.

Check out these recordings and let me know what you think. Chris is going to kick off a virtual speaker meeting using 20 minutes of these recorded resources this upcoming Sunday May 3rd. His plan is to then have us share on what we heard. We’ll all get a chance to see how this works. Hope you can tune in Sunday morning!

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