Borrowed Faith – Grapevine Article May 2022 by Michael C.

He was back in detox again, but this time was different. A fellow member helped open his soul The craving traveled a well-worn path that started in the pit of my stomach. It moved up to my heart, making it beat harder and faster. My heart ushered it to my lungs, which responded by takingContinue reading “Borrowed Faith – Grapevine Article May 2022 by Michael C.”

How It Works At Work – Big Book Page 63

We had a new Employer. Being all powerful, He provided what we needed, if we kept close to Him and performed His work well. Established on such a footing we became less and less interested in ourselves, our little plans and designs. More and more we became interested in seeing what we could contribute toContinue reading “How It Works At Work – Big Book Page 63”

Reaching For Humility – As Bill Sees It #211

We saw we needn’t always be bludgeoned and beaten into humility. It could come quite as much from our voluntary reaching for it as it could from unremitting suffering. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ “We first reach for a little humility, knowing that we shall perish of alcoholism if we do not. After a time, though we may stillContinue reading “Reaching For Humility – As Bill Sees It #211”

To Survive Trials – As Bill Sees It #188

In our belief, any scheme of combating alcoholism which proposes wholly to shield the sick man from temptation is doomed to failure. If the alcoholic tries to shield himself he may succeed for a time, but he usually winds up with a bigger explosion than ever. We have tried these methods. These attempts to doContinue reading “To Survive Trials – As Bill Sees It #188”

Self-Confidence and Will Power – As Bill Sees It #42

When we were first challenged to admit defeat, most of us revolted. We had approached A.A. expecting to be taught self-confidence. Then we had been told so far as alcohol was concerned, self-confidence was no good whatever; in fact, it was a total liability. There was no such thing as personal conquest of the alcoholicContinue reading “Self-Confidence and Will Power – As Bill Sees It #42”

Running The Whole Show – As Bill Sees It #320

Most people try to live by self-propulsion. Each person is like an actor who wants to run the whole show and is forever trying to arrange the lights, the scenery and the rest of the players in his own way. If his arrangements would only stay put, if only people would do as he wished,Continue reading “Running The Whole Show – As Bill Sees It #320”

Spiritually Fit – As Bill Sees It # 280

Assuming we are spiritually fit, we can do all sorts of things alcoholics are not supposed to do. People have said we must not go where liquor is served; we must not have it in our homes; we must shun friends who drink; we must avoid moving pictures which show drinking scenes; we must notContinue reading “Spiritually Fit – As Bill Sees It # 280”

GUGOGS 10th Step Resources and Ideas

At the heart of the 10th step is self examination. Many of us bring a strong sense that our real problems are external and are a function of people, places, and things that are not as they ought to be. We may feel victimized by these circumstances which seem to unceasingly make us ’restless, irritable,Continue reading “GUGOGS 10th Step Resources and Ideas”

Who I Want To Be – Grapevine Article March 2009 by Dwight E.

Facing eight years in jail , a dad with two fatally ill kids chooses sobriety By the time I was 18, I was a daily drinker. I graduated from a vocational high school and got a job working in a steel mill. I met a girl at church who later became my wife. We boughtContinue reading “Who I Want To Be – Grapevine Article March 2009 by Dwight E.”

Boredom Ambushes the Unwary – Grapevine Article April 1950 by J.F.

PAGING Solomon with all his wisdom! What makes some of us take that first drink? We can get as many answers to that perennial question as there are unfortunate slipees. It has been my experience that boredom sets an emotional trap for all of us. The eager beaver in AA, full of inspirational fire and fervor, veryContinue reading “Boredom Ambushes the Unwary – Grapevine Article April 1950 by J.F.”