Satisfactions of Right Living As Bill Sees It # 254

How wonderful is the feeling that we do not have to be specially distinguished among our fellows in order to be useful and profoundly happy . Not many of us can be leaders of prominence , nor do we wish to be . Service gladly rendered , obligations squarely met , troubles well accepted orContinue reading “Satisfactions of Right Living As Bill Sees It # 254”

The Choice – Grapevine Article June 1991 Isabella H.

Step Six – Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character All of them? As Bill W. points out in the chapter on Step Six in the “Twelve and Twelve,” “Some people, of course, may conclude that they are indeed ready to have all these defects taken from them. But evenContinue reading “The Choice – Grapevine Article June 1991 Isabella H.”

Pain and Progress – Meditation #3 As Bill Sees It

Years ago I used to commiserate with all people who suffered. Now I commiserate with only those who suffer in ignorance, who do not understand the purpose and the ultimate utility of pain (Letter 1950) Someone once remarked that pain is the touchstone of spiritual progress. How heartily we AA’s can agree with him, forContinue reading “Pain and Progress – Meditation #3 As Bill Sees It”

Joy Of Living – 12&12 page 106,107

The joy of living is the theme of A.A.’s Twelfth Step, and action is its key word. Here we turn outward toward our fellow alcoholics who are still in distress. Here we experience the kind of giving that asks no rewards. Here we begin to practice all Twelve Steps of the program in our dailyContinue reading “Joy Of Living – 12&12 page 106,107”

Take Step Eleven – Bill W Grapevine 1958

When it comes to the practice of AA’s Step Eleven — “ Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood him , praying only for knowledge of his will for us and the power to carry that out ” — I’m sure I am still very much inContinue reading “Take Step Eleven – Bill W Grapevine 1958”

5th Step – Clarity pg 59

Because we were still bothered by fear , self-pity, and hurt feelings , it was probable that we couldn’t appraise ourselves fairly at all. Too much guilt and remorse might cause us to dramatize and exaggerate our shortcomings. Or anger or pride might be the smoke screen under which we were hiding some of ourContinue reading “5th Step – Clarity pg 59”

5th Step Forgiveness – 12&12 page 57,58

This vital step was also the means by which we began to get the feeling that we could be forgiven, no matter what we had done or thought. Often it was while working on this Step with our sponsors or spiritual advisors that we first felt truly able to forgive others , no matter howContinue reading “5th Step Forgiveness – 12&12 page 57,58”

Empowering Freedom By Humility – 12/12 pg 75, 76 and Big Book pg 552

AN EVER-GROWING FREEDOM ‘ We saw that we did not need to be bludgeoned or beaten into humility. It could come quite as much from our voluntary reaching for it as it could from unremitting suffering. A great turning point in our lives came when we sought for humility as something we really wanted, notContinue reading “Empowering Freedom By Humility – 12/12 pg 75, 76 and Big Book pg 552”

12& 12 Step 5 – pgs 52-55

A.A . experience has taught us we cannot live alone with our pressing problems and the character defects which cause or aggravate them . If we have swept the searchlight of Step Four back and forth over our careers , and it has revealed in stark relief those experiences we’d rather not remember , ifContinue reading “12& 12 Step 5 – pgs 52-55”

True Partnership – pg 53-54

But it is from our twisted relations with family, friends, and society at large that many of us suffered the most. We have been especially stupid and stubborn about them. The primary fact that we fail to recognize is our total inability to form a true partnership with another human being. Our egomania digs twoContinue reading “True Partnership – pg 53-54”