What We Will Be Tomorrow- Grapevine Article Mayb 1991 by Ed H.

My first thoughts regarding Step Five were that I would take it with someone far away and then pray for that person’s early demise. I can see today, though, how something like this could have been disastrous to my sobriety. There are people in my life today whom I have chosen as friends and through honest and continual sharing these people know me right down to my socks. It must be this way for me; otherwise I am too capable of deceiving myself.

The Delphic Oracle advised, “Know thyself,” but I would like to amplify on this: make thyself known and thou shalt then know thyself. There is a tremendous freedom in making myself known to others.

By revealing our secrets and thereby ridding ourselves of guilt we can actually change our thinking and by altering our thinking we can change ourselves. What we will be tomorrow is determined by what we think today.

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