The Harmony of Service – Grapevine Article January 1984 by W.C.

WHILE LISTENING to a fine choral group, I was greatly impressed by the beauty of their singing. My heart was thrilled as the sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses–all in unison–joined in one powerful voice. But then, on the chorus, they sang their individual parts, and the harmony was enrapturing. It made the rendition of the verse seem colorless by comparison.

We as AA members “sing” different parts as we work for our sobriety; that is, we come from various backgrounds and have different personalities and abilities. Even so, our labors together for AA can result in a most beautiful harmony of service. Instead of appreciating this blend, however, some AAs demand conformity to their own methods and procedures. They like unison, but only if everyone sings their way.

Although that kind of unity can produce limited results, nothing is quite so satisfying as to see different individuals, all with their own styles, talents, and identities, presenting in harmony the same theme–the love and salvation offered by AA. We may not all sing identical notes in our work for the program; each must make his or her particular contribution. A blending of different shades and tones of emphasis can be even more pleasing than a unison of forced conformity. Discord arises when someone gets out of tune or doesn’t follow the leader.

In our service for AA, let’s not worry if the person next to us isn’t singing our “note.” If our neighbor is in harmony with the program, we’re in the same choir.

“God calls his children to unity, not uniformity.”

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