From the Grass Roots- Grapevine Article October 1952 by Anonymous


THE most wonderful thing that has happened to the alcoholic, is the discovery that he can lead a happy normal life if he wants too, and that he does not have to do it alone.

In this AA garden, grow many varieties of patience, understanding, tolerance and love. . .some perhaps unsuited to our particular tastes, but nevertheless nourishing for our deficiencies.

Physical hangovers were overcome. . .given time; spiritual hangovers are overcome given a lifetime. In our eagerness to reach that goal, let us not become careless and begin to trample on the things we need most.

When we have become well enough to find fault with each other, and to criticize our group life, we have also become well enough to take a better personal inventory and to accept the challenge to change ourselves, and to be grateful to be able to accept our limitations with God given humility; to be thankful that it has been primarily the tolerance, understanding and compassion of others which has kept us sober.

We cannot keep for too long principles which we will not allow others to exercise; freedom of expression of opinions, freedom to work the program as is individually suited; freedom to understand the Power greater than ourselves as we need to. It would be folly to exchange the enslavement of active alcoholism for active self will.

Through the grace of God, let us never become so sober that we cannot remember to think as a drunk. The new man, like you and me, has nowhere else to bring his thoughts, ideas, and appeals for understanding, but here. Live and let live and let’s always live together in happy understanding.

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