Accepting What Is – 12 Essential Insights for Emotional Sobriety

Sentence Completion Exercise

Any endeavor to change must include looking at the forces within us that would sabotage our best efforts. We need to become aware of how we interfere with the process of acceptance. The following exercise can help.

Take each sentence stem and write it at the top of a piece of paper. Next, repeat the sentence stem silently (or aloud) to yourself, and then complete it with the first thought that comes to mind. Do six to ten completions for each.

You can see the ‘fill in the blank’ sentences below and access/print a worksheet setup to facilitate the process.

Something that I have trouble accepting about myself is ____.

Something that I have trouble accepting about life is ____.

Something I can’t control that I try to control is ____.

One way that I can better support my true self is”

The most powerful should in my life is ____.

One way that I can overcome my resistance to accepting a reality I am having difficulty with is ____.

If I could undo one unfair thing from my past, it would be ____.

If I could reframe that experience from my past as unfortunate, it would mean ____.

To make acceptance a daily practice, I need to ____.

If I can increase my level of acceptance by 5 percent it would ____.

Acceptance is not passive. It is something we do, and when we do it, it can actually change us and our life’s trajectory. It is a daily practice of learning to live life on life’s terms.

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