Surrender – Grapevine Article June 1974 by T.C.

Some paradoxes in the AA way of life

By not hiding my defects, I find them hidden,and by revealing my faults, I see them dissolved.

In losing face, I get grace,and the way up is down.

In making amends, I am amended,and in dispensing right, right comes to me.

By giving it away, I keep it,and in not possessing it, it is mine to keep.

By thinking well of others, I think well of myself,and in serving others, I am served.

In powerlessness, Power comes,and through weakness, strength.

By dependence, independence grows,and in believing as a child, I grow up.

By releasing my life and will, I am released,and by losing my life, I save it.

By giving up, I am lifted up,and by letting go, I let God come.

By not justifying myself, I am justified,and by admission, I am admitted.

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