Humility Brings Hope – As Bill Sees It #325

Now that we no longer patronize bars and bordellos, now that we bring home the pay checks, now that we are so very active in A.A., and now that people congratulate us on these signs of progress — well, we naturally proceed to congratulate ourselves. Of course, we are not yet within hailing distance of humility.

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We ought to be willing to try humility in seeking the removal of our other shortcomings, just as we did when we admitted that we were powerless over alcohol, and came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

If humility could enable us to find the grace by which the deadly alcohol obsession could be banished, then there must be hope of the same result respecting any other problem we can possibly have.

~ 1. GRAPEVINE, JUNE 1961 ~


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