Living With Unresolved Problems – Just For Today Meditation November 2nd

It makes a difference to have friends who care when we hurt

For most of our problems, the solution is simple. We call our sponsor, pray, work the steps, or go to a meeting. But what about those situations where the burden is ongoing and there’s no end in sight?

Most of us know what it’s like to live with a painful situation – a problem that just isn’t going to disappear. For some of us, the problem is an incurable, life-threatening illness. Some of us have incorrigible children. Some of us find our earnings simply don’t cover our living expenses. Some of us care for a chronically ill friend or family member.

Those of us who have ever had to live with an unresolved problem know the relief that comes from just talking about our problem with our recovering friends. We may get some comic relief. Our friends may commiserate or cry with us. Whatever they do, they ease the burden. They may not be able to solve our problem or take away our painful feelings, but just knowing that we are loved and cared about makes our problems more bearable. We never have to be alone with our pain again.

Just for today: Those problems I can’t resolve can be made bearable by talking to a friend. Today, I will call someone who cares.

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