The Power of Our Part ( Awareness, Attitudes, and Actions ) When Encountering Pain

Yesterday as we discussed Chapter 22 of Living Sober regarding self-pity, we had some powerful shares about the importance of acknowledging and facing our pain. I’ve chosen as my primary lead a Grapevine article published on the website back in January that we’ve never discussed entitled ‘The Power of Pain’. This article captures and expands on much of what I heard yesterday and I think it will serve us well as our primary focus in today’s meeting.

Back in July last year, we had an inspiring discussion about the value of acceptance and gratitude in transforming our pain (or perhaps transmuting it) into spiritual growth and enhanced conscious contact with our Higher Power. That July post combined two meditations from ‘As Bill Sees It’ into a prescription that , in a few words, can begin to change our attitudes and actions when we encounter pain. I would also like to suggest we include this short, compelling mashup in our discussion today.

Finally, I’ve added a couple of other posts that are good background materials to this important topic. We won’t discuss them directly but I would suggest them for those interested in further exploration of this encounter we will all have with pain and suffering. The first is a classic we discussed way back in April, 2020 that was written by Bill W for the Grapevine in 1962 entitled ‘What Is Acceptance’. The ‘Spiritual Life Is Not A Theory’ is another Grapevine article, published on the website , that we have not yet discussed which I believe has some very relevant ideas about how to see and respond to pain.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts to this post in the ‘comment’ section below. I believe we are now reaching the point where we can begin to integrate content from earlier posts and add our amplifications and inputs. Hopefully, this enhances the value of this repository for all of us on this journey to live sober today.

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