Life Is For Living- Grapevine Article May 1978 By J.L.

LIFE is FOR living! We are not what we used to be; we are striving to become what we ought to be, what we want to be, what we were meant to be. We are in touch with reality. We are like the rest of the human family–not all bad, not all good; just trying to be better today than we were yesterday. We cope with life’s ups and downs, and we use all the help we can get, for “no man is an island.”

One thing is certain: We should never again become discouraged, for we know now that our lives have a purpose. We do not live in vain. We are in the hands of our Higher Power, and to Him we entrust “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” We cannot know the whole road ahead. We are only limited human beings. But we need to know only that for this twenty-four hours, we can cope with life’s situations. Our Higher Power will help and guide us, step by step, often two steps forward and one backward–but always upward.

Life is for living! Let us live it with enthusiasm, with zest, with gusto–glad to be alive, glad to be useful, glad to be dependable. Let us joyfully contribute of our substance, sharing and caring, reaching out in love and compassion to our brothers, particularly to suffering alcoholics.

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