Realizing That No One Is Coming

Sentence Completion Exercise

What does the insight that “no one is coming” mean to you? Complete the following exercise to explore your attitudes toward this news. A warning: This idea is heretical. I think if you are honest, you’ll find that on some level, you’ve been trained to expect someone or something to save you. Take each sentence stem below and write it at the top of a piece of paper. Next, repeat it silently (or aloud) to yourself, and then complete the sentence stem with the first thought that comes to mind. Do six to ten completions for each.

You can see the ‘fill in’ the sentences below and access/print a worksheet setup to facilitate the process.

If I took more responsibility for what I want, I’d ____.

A toxic attitude I have that interferes with me showing up for myself is ____.

When I hear the phrase “No one is coming,” it means ____.

A nourishing attitude I can integrate into my consciousness that would help me achieve emotional sobriety is ____.

If I had more faith in myself, I would________________.

I interfere with my maturity when I ____.

To have more faith in my internal wisdom, I need to remind myself ____.

Acceptance is the key to emotional sobriety.

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