Love – Grapevine Article March 1980 by C.H.

In AA, love is our glue WHEN I FIRST came to AA, I didn’t know how to love. I still don’t. All I know is that what I am doing feels pretty good. Externally, the evidence is there; internally, I am not sure whether I am feeling the way the songwriters and Hollywood say IContinue reading “Love – Grapevine Article March 1980 by C.H.”

In the Spirit – Not the Letter of Alcoholics Anonymous -Grapevine Article by Laurie A. January 2007

Love, not worship, for the Big Book My friends (and enemies) had diagnosed the problem–I could not drink without getting drunk. They weren’t telling me anything I didn’t know. And they offered no solution except, “Just don’t drink,” or, “Stop when you’ve had enough.” If I could have done that, I would have. I’d triedContinue reading “In the Spirit – Not the Letter of Alcoholics Anonymous -Grapevine Article by Laurie A. January 2007”

Avoiding Pride & Despair – Twelve & Twelve (Step 12)

Page 112 – Step 12Furthermore, how shall we come to terms with seeming failure or success? Can we now accept and adjust to either without despair or pride? Can we accept poverty, sickness, loneliness, and bereavement with courage and serenity? Can we steadfastly content ourselves with the humbler, yet sometimes more durable, satisfactions when theContinue reading “Avoiding Pride & Despair – Twelve & Twelve (Step 12)”

Anonymity’s Spiritual Dividends – May 1955 by Anonymous

IN Bill’s January Grapevine article, the value of anonymity as group protection and insurance was spelled out in letters big enough for a blind man to see. It drove home the importance of anonymity to AA’s survival and continued effectiveness. Of equal interest to me,[1] however, were the suggestions scattered throughout that anonymity is no ordinary insuranceContinue reading “Anonymity’s Spiritual Dividends – May 1955 by Anonymous”

‘The Unbeliever’ – Big Book Story by Hank P. from the 1st Edition

DULL . . . listless . . . semicomatose . . . I lay on my bed in a famous hospital for alcoholics. Death or worse had been my sentence. What was the difference? What difference did anything make? Why think of those things which were gone-why worry about the results of my drunken escapades?Continue reading “‘The Unbeliever’ – Big Book Story by Hank P. from the 1st Edition”

Cosmic Consciousness – Grapevine Article May 1976 By M.D.B.

An examination of the profound spiritual experience that illuminates and changes many lives ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS started with a flash of lightning and a drop of Brahmanic splendor. Co-founder Bill W. writes of his 1934 spiritual experience, which led to the establishment of AA: “These were revolutionary and drastic proposals, but the moment I fully acceptedContinue reading “Cosmic Consciousness – Grapevine Article May 1976 By M.D.B.”

Humility Takes Center Stage – Grapevine Article July 2020 by David S.

His chance to impress everyone at the big event became a starring role for Step Seven Finally, I would have my moment, if only a brief one, in the AA spotlight. Oh, never mind those leads at my local AA groups, wonderful opportunities that they were to share my experience, strength and hope. This wouldContinue reading “Humility Takes Center Stage – Grapevine Article July 2020 by David S.”

The ‘Broad Highway’ of AA Spirituality – 3 Grapevine Articles

In the chapter , We Agnostics (page 44), the Big Book makes this very hopeful statement for many of us who have struggled to accept the dogma that we may be concerned lies ahead of us to grow spiritually in AA. We found that God does not make too hard terms with those who seekContinue reading “The ‘Broad Highway’ of AA Spirituality – 3 Grapevine Articles”

Beyond the Self – Grapevine Article September 1970 By M.D. B.

There is something better to be found, but one has to give up to find it Dr. Harry M. Tiebout, phychiatrist and friend of AA, said, “. . .The two essential ingredients to maintaining sobriety are . . . the preservation of a reduced ego and the continued presence of humility. ” In the followingContinue reading “Beyond the Self – Grapevine Article September 1970 By M.D. B.”

Personality Change – As Bill Sees It Reflection #1

“It has often been said of A.A. that we are interested only in alcoholism. That is not true. We have to get over drinking in order to stay alive. But anyone who knows the alcoholic personality by firsthand contact knows that no true alky ever stops drinking permanently without undergoing a profound personality change.” 1.Continue reading “Personality Change – As Bill Sees It Reflection #1”