A Way Of Life – 11th Step Excerpt from Grapevine Article December 1999 by Jim N.

Many people believe that we “go through” the Steps in an orderly fashion, the way you pass through a series of doors. For me, it’s a revolving door. I believe I was getting something from Step Eleven at my first meeting. Here I was a helpless, hopeless drunk looking at people who didn’t drink anymore and who looked good. There was laughter and a sense of fun that filled the room, even in the face of tragedy. I wanted what these people had. The idea that there was another way to live, no matter how bad you thought you were, hit me hard. There was a moral objective toward which I could choose to move. And that’s what we do in Step Eleven, as I understand it. Consciousness of the Good is something I can have all the time. It includes for me the beauty of nature and the loving-kindness of human nature. Meditation is not something I do at a set time and place. It has become a part of my everyday activities.

Full ‘A Way of LIfe’ Grapevine Article

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