Welcome To The Get Up, Get Out, Get Sober Group of Alcoholic Anonymous

If you’d like to be included in group text messages , please fill out this contact form . We use text messages to keep group participants informed with links to meeting topics as well as group news such as chip awards , optional physical meetings, and upcoming events.

Our group is very interested in serving newcomers more effectively. Please consider filling out our survey that’s designed to solicit input and feedback about this important topic.

If you’re new to AA , please consider downloading and reviewing the pamphlets below which may address some of your most pressing questions and concerns. We are always happy to stay after any meeting to speak individually as well. All of us know how difficult it is to begin this journey of sobriety.

You’re also invited to attend our Friday in person meeting in Grant Park. This is a great way to get to know people personally and to discuss items face to face. When the weather is good, we meet at picnic tables in Grant Park across from 561 Cherokee Ave SE. When the weather is bad, our Friday in person meeting is held at St. John the Wonderworker Orthodox Church just up the street at 543 Cherokee Ave SE.

Here is a collection of useful resources to help you with Step One.

There are many virtual and some A.A. physical meetings available to you. Click here to find a list of meetings (Note – the answer to the question of the first name of the founder of AA is in all small letters ‘bill’. This answer will allow you to explore meetings you might be interested in learning more about from this listing of Atlanta meetings)

Below you will find A.A. materials to assist with your decision whether you are an alcoholic and how A.A. can help you if you desire to stop drinking.

A.A. Newcomer Packet

A.A. at a Glance (pdf)

Is A.A. for You? (pdf)

This is A.A. (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions About A.A. (pdf)

Do You Think You are Different (pdf)

Problems Other than Alcohol (pdf)

Questions & Answers on Sponsorship (pdf)

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