GUGOGS Grapevine Subscription

GUGOGS now has a Grapevine Subscription which includes access to seven decades of Grapevine archives. There is a decent search engine (as well as topic index) for these Grapevine articles. You can save articles that you find interesting as discussion topics for the group. You can also email these articles to yourself and I’d be happy to make them blog posts that you could then use as your discussion leads.

GUGOGS group members preparing for a discussion can access this archive at . You will need a userid and password. The group name (all small letters) is both the userid and password. For one year, we have a full subscription for online, print, and archive access. If we find it useful over the next year, we can consider renewing this subscription. The Grapevine remains one of the most important sources for revenue generation for the AA General Services Office that we also support through our group contributions. It’s a good cause to support and I hope you find this a useful resource as I do.

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