After Acceptance … Action Grapevine Article March 1953 by F.C.

MANY times I have heard speakers at AA meetings say “I have accepted the Twelve Steps”. . .in fact, I’ve said it myself more than once. However, on further thought, it’s a pretty light and almost frivolous statement. Couldn’t I just as easily say “I’ve accepted the Ten Commandments”?

The longer I’m privileged to enjoy the help and fellowship of AA the more I realize that the Twelve Steps require daily effort, prayerful thought, and humble action.

We enjoy the savory smell of a roast of beef cooking. Would we say “I have accepted roast beef as a good food” and expect to derive any benefit? Of course not. . .we must chew it, digest it, and assimilate it, before it can provide us with nourishment, but it’s surely worth the effort!

Just so, we must not only “accept” the Steps. . .we must put some real effort into thinking about them. . .applying them in a practical and personal way, to our daily lives. They can be incorporated into many of our daily conversations, our daily thoughts and activities. Then, we can truly say “We have accepted the Twelve Steps” and truly mean what we are saying.

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