Living A Purposeful Life – 12 Essential Insights for Emotional Sobriety

Sentence Completion Exercise

Take each sentence stem below and write it at the top of a piece of paper. Next, repeat the sentence stem silently (or aloud) to yourself, and then complete it with the first thought that comes to mind. Do six to ten completions for each.

You can see the ‘fill in the blank’ sentences below and access/print a worksheet setup to facilitate the process.

My life is meaningful when I ____.

I am of value when I ____.

What stops me from being of service to a purpose greater than myself is ____.

The idea about myself that I’d need to give up to be more loving toward myself is ____.

Being of value to another means ____.

I lose myself when I ____.

One thing I could do to bring a higher degree of self-awareness to living with a purpose greater than myself is ____.

My self-centeredness still shows up when I ____.

Our purpose emerges in relation to what the world demands of us. This most often manifests in the needs of the people about us. We humans are social creatures who are always acting in relation to others. We crave close relationships. Our relationships are crucibles where emotional dependency is exposed. In that crucible, emotional autonomy may be forged or lost. Close relationships put our practice of emotional sobriety to the test. But our practice of emotional sobriety can help us experience better relationships. We explore the nature of healthy relationships in the next chapter.”

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