Meditation Ideas For Group Conscience Consideration

This morning Chris lead us in a meditation meeting that was an initial kick-off to the group conscience decision to explore how best to encourage and develop a meaningful group meditation practice. We will be discussing this further in our upcoming group conscience on Monday, December 28th (beginning at 8:15am).

Please use the comments section of this post to share with others any ideas and suggestions you may have regarding this topic. These comments will be posted and available for others and will be shared in the upcoming group conscience.

Thank you Chris for helping us with your excellent kick-off this morning!

We are looking forward to incorporating your thoughts and suggestions for how the group should proceed in encouraging and developing meditation.

3 thoughts on “Meditation Ideas For Group Conscience Consideration

  1. I also support doing this again. And I think a regular meditation meeting would be great! If we can do that on weekend days, I’d be grateful.


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