Deliver With Care – Grapevine Article September 2020 by Diane C

The house had two communal copies of the Big Book, and that was all. My new sponsee had very little money, so I got her a copy of each book.

Last month, I began sponsoring a new woman in the program. She’s currently residing in a sober living house until August. Before the COVID pandemic hit, the house would send their residents over to our Saturday night home group about once a month. But they can’t physically come anymore since our group began meeting online. I also don’t think they have the technology to join a virtual meeting yet and not all the residents are allowed cell phones. The director of the house had reached out to someone in our group and asked for a recommendation of a sponsor for one of their residents who was struggling. Someone had suggested me.

The first thing I do when I sponsor someone new is make sure the newcomer has a Big Book and a “Twelve & Twelve.” This woman did not. She said the house had two communal copies of the Big Book and that was all. Also, my new sponsee had no cell phone and very little money, so I got her a copy of each book. Due to the health crisis, the house could not allow visitors nor would they accept random packages. So I boxed up the books and went over to my local mail service drop off location (wearing a mask of course). I tracked the route of the books and alerted the house director. I then connected back with my new sponsee to make sure she got them so we could get her AA program started together over the phone. This whole process took two weeks!

Such a lot of work and time for what used to be just a welcome hug at a meeting and a quick saunter over to the literature table—five minutes max. But I was so happy to have been able to get the books into her hands, especially now. What a different time we are living in! I will never take our physical meetings for granted again.

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